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Professional approach

When looking for rest and peace, it is worth visiting the office located on Kacza Street. The offer of the facility is primarily classic and relaxing massages of the whole body, as well as of the selected party. In addition, you can decide on a therapeutic, slimming or lymphatic massage.


Only classic manual massages

Classic massage used for pain in the spine, neck, shoulders, head and limbs. It aims to reduce muscle tension, and improves blood and lymph flow. This massage is performed by stroking, rubbing, kneading, pressure, patting, shaking and rolling. It is intense and dynamic.


Qualified Old School specialists

Each massage is performed on a professional table using the highest quality cosmetics. We take care of every detail, I focus on the client's needs and adjust the massage to each individual.

What types
of massage we offer

Massage is a special language used by bodies and souls. Our body is the perfect instrument, massage is music. Each touch creates a melody. Our body can sometimes experience feelings that we have never thought of.

Classic massage

The main purpose of classical massage is to promote health, increase physical tension, improve blood circulation and relieve physical and mental fatigue. Massage improves the supply of muscles and skin with oxygen and nutrients, frees them from toxins, restores blood supply to subcutaneous fat, removes puffiness. Most often, they use general massage to relieve general stress after a hard day.

Relaxing massage

Our office offers treatments aimed at bringing inner balance and harmony. The salon has a wide selection of massages, including relaxation, hot stones, sports, honey.

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It is undoubtedly an exclusive and extraordinary gift that will be received by each recipient as a sincere gesture of thanks. The perfect gift for her, for him, for two.

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For your convenience and confidence, we took some photos of our premises and equipment. In our cozy atmosphere, you can completely relax and enjoy a high-quality massage

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